About Us

Accountable Bookkeeping LLC has been operating since 2007 to provide bookkeeping and payroll services to small businesses.   We have discovered that there is a great need for small business owners and staff to simply understand the basics of office management, bookkeeping, payroll and financial statements.

We are not CPAs or tax accountants, but we are more than your basic bookkeepers and data entry operators, we proudly sit in the middle and become the liaison between you and your tax accountant … or between you and your office staff.    Our goal is to partner with you and help you through the day to day grind of paperwork, cash flow and cost management.

Our office will have two sets of eyes on your account, this not only ensures more accurate records, but it also gives our clients the piece of mind of knowing that we have their needs covered in case of employee sickness, termination, etc.  There is no downtime; we are here to keep your office and accounting functions moving forward all year round.

Our services are all customized to you and performed with confidentiality and integrity!

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